Computer Science

How best to defend and mitigate this trend.

Research # 2: Trends and Case Studies – Types and trends of cyber-attacks against municipalities, school districts, and hospitals. How best to defend and mitigate this trend. Use a few actual examples of entities (municipalities, school districts, and hospitals) that were attacked as a brief case study (or studies) referenced as well.
The paper must be 12 point double spaced at least 4 or 5 pages in length. The paper must be submitted no later than midnight.
In addition to the minimum 4 or 5 pages of research, show references after that research text at the end of the paper as well.
All submissions are reviewed by SafeAssign which reviews papers for plagiarism, checking for purchased research papers or plagiarized copies of large paragraphs from online articles.

Business and Management

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Week 2 Assignment: Exercise 2-2
Examine and evaluate the three basic types of dividend policies; along with discussing key factors involved in establishing a dividend policy; provide examples via LIRN.
Your paper should be a minimum of 2 pages (excluding, cover, abstract, and reference page) of clear and concise information about your topic. The paper should be presented in Microsoft Word, 1″ margins, double spaced and exhibit good writing and grammar skills. All references should be cited in APA format. By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your organization may use your paper in accordance with your organization’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.


Assignment 3

Visit to Community Resource and Digital Learning Resource Weighting: 30%
Length and/or format: 2000 words equivalent / Website design.
Learning outcomes assessed: LO1, LO2, LO3
How to submit: URL Link Electronically, via Assignment Box on LEO
Return of assignment: Electronically, via Assignment Box on LEO 3 weeks post submission
Assessment criteria:
• Rationale demonstrates conceptual knowledge and understanding of the HaSS curriculum with
connection to inquiry learning, pedagogical approaches applied to a community resource to strengthen
the teaching of Humanities in Primary school.
• Demonstrates knowledge and skill to modify content and use a range of teaching strategies and
assessment to communicate content with connections to a community resource and the HaSS curriculum
• Demonstrates pedagogical approaches to communicate content using a digital interface
• Demonstrates application of resources to support the learning of HaSS using a community resource
• Appropriate use of language: punctuation, tense, grammar, spelling. Accurate APA referencing
This task has two parts and will assist you to understand the importance of using authentic learning
experiences, such as community resources*, to support the teaching of History, Geography, Civic and
Citizenship, Economics and Business education in the primary classroom, which is key to creating active
and informed citizens. Through research, evaluation and critical analysis, as well as considering a range
of pedagogical approaches you will create a digital teaching resource that considers the following:
• Organize information into meaningful categories
• Learn terms, facts, and concepts of this subject
• Synthesize and integrate information, ideas and concepts
• Think about the “big picture” and see connections among concepts
• Think creatively about this subject
• Improve long-term memory skills for accessible knowledge
• Develop higher-level thinking skills, strategies, and habits
• Use technologies effectively
*Community Resources: are sites that enable place-based learning to occur. These can be historical,
geographical, cultural, societal, sporting, natural, built, memorials, museums, locations, physical, virtual.
Part A: Visit to Community Resource
You will need to arrange a visit to a community resource in your city or surrounding areas. Prior to going,
visit the website for your community resource and plan ahead what you want to achieve whilst there.
Read Cullen’s article (LEO Assessments Module) and relevant material in preparation for your visit.


Why or why not?

1. You are a counselor and considering offering services in a “free clinic” located in an economically depressed neighborhood. The population includes equal parts of Latino, Asian, Black, and White ethnic groups. How might the cultural differences of each ethnic group effect your abilities as a counselor? (Minimum 250 words.)
2.The free clinic is located in a “grocery desert.” All major grocery stores have closed and/or moved, and only small, independent convenience stores remain. The prices on most food items are higher than those same items found in large grocery stores in the nicer suburbs. Many/most items are considered “processed foods,” including items such as chips, sodas, and candy. Fresh vegetables and fruits are not available. Transportation is not easy to find, and most bus stops close early in the afternoon. In what ways does a “grocery desert” effect the health of those living in the community? Would it effect the rate of obesity in children? Why or why not? How would a “grocery desert” effect each of the “five leading causes of death” in middle adulthood? (Minimum 300 words.)
Would you be willing to volunteer in a free clinic? Where could you get involved? In what ways could you make a difference?

Drama and Theatre

Do not simply summarize the film.

Write a 700 to 800-word response that critically reflects on this week’s film and at least one reading from the week. Relate the film and reading and connect them to the broader themes of the course. Your response should demonstrate your understanding of both the film and the reading. Do not simply summarize the film. You must use proper citations for all sources in your response. Below are some questions to serve as prompts for reflection. You do not have to address all of these questions in your response.
What are the central arguments made by the films and/or the texts and how do they relate to each other?
What social, cultural, political, or historical issues are brought into focus in the films and how?
What themes emerge from the films or texts and how do they relate to the broader themes of the class?
How do you personally connect to these themes or issues and how do the films and readings help you understand them in new ways?
Describe the film language in technical terms and discuss how it frames the film’s main themes.
Film: Le noire de/Black Girl (Ousmane Sembène, 1966, 55m)
Readings: “Fabulation: Toward a Minor Cinema,” D.N. Rodowick; “The Roots of the Nomadic: Gilles Deleuze and the Cinema of West Africa,” Dudley Andrew; Cineaste Interview with Ousmane Sembène
Notes/Lecture: Minor Cinema lecture, Nomadic Cinema lecture, Black Girl analysis


Prepare a brief descriptive report of the informatics-based community health

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site (2-3 paragraphs)
Prepare a brief descriptive report of the informatics-based community health
education tools present on the site (For example, the CDC has downloadable
podcasts and RSS feeds, health e-cards to send to friends, and tag clouds).


Have a sleepover?

Complete your Module #6 Journal Document with all Journal Questions.
Your Document should include the answers to all of the following questions:
#1 How can your actions as a parent limit or facilitate greater self-regulation? Why should parents strive to teach their children self-regulation?
#2 How much freedom will you (or did your) give your children when they are in this stage? Could they ride their bike to a friend’s house a few streets away? Go to the park together? Have a sleepover? Consider what you might allow or not to ensure your child’s safety.
#3 What routines did you have or not have as a child, including consistent mealtimes? What will you do the same or different with your future family?
Sumbit at least 1 full page double spaced.


What are your personal feelings of cliques as they relate to team building?

In Chapter 6, the textbook discusses informal groups and their ability to control the rate of production of a team. Informal groups can evolve into cliques. Cliques can easily lead to misunderstandings and, in some instances, hostility. According to the textbook, cliques generally fall into one of three categories: horizontal, random, or vertical.
Describe each of the three categories. As a supervisor, what do you see as positive and negative attributes of each of the three clique categories? What are your personal feelings of cliques as they relate to team building?
Text Book: Miller, L. S., More, H. W., & Braswell, M. C. (2020). Effective Police Supervision (9th ed.). Taylor & Francis.


Give five reasons for south carolina’s protest against the tariff of 1828.

1. List five provisions of the Treaty of Paris (1783). to an external site.
2. What did Jefferson feel were the benefits of an informed and educated public? Why did he think we should study history? to an external site.
3. Washington is quite alarmed by the news of Shays Rebellion. What points seem to concern him the most? to an external site.
4. How did the Virginia statute for establishing religious freedom insure that religious freedom was indeed established? (In other words, what did the General Assembly say?) Why did they (the Virginia General Assembly in 1786) not declare this act to be irrevocable by subsequent assemblies? (Paragraph III.) to an external site.
(Use only paragraphs II and III to answer this…the first paragraph is telling us why this statute was needed.)
5. What were five concerns of Patrick Henry as he contemplated the proposed constitution (the one that we now have) at Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788? to an external site.
(These are comments from a famous speech where Henry is telling his fellow Virginians what bothers him about this new Constitution that the convention is discussing. He is a true patriot who thinks that the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia was told to redo the Articles of Confederation and, instead, wrote an entirely new constitution!)
6. What were Washington’s four warnings contained in his farewell address in September of 1796? (Explain each of these: 1. Geographical , 2. spirit of party (political parties), 3. credit and debt, and, 4. Neutrality.) to an external site.
7. What did the Sedition Act make a crime? When did it expire and why was that date significant? to an external site.
(This source provides an “abstract” at the beginning which helps you get to the basics! The significance of the date is crucial…using additional sources is encouraged…but be sure you have the correct Sedition Act since we’ve had several…this one is 1798. This act was a true piece of party politics which we would never tolerate now…I hope!) Easy read here: to an external site.
8. What was the stated purpose of the Kentucky Resolution? to an external site.
(Be sure to see the connection to the Alien and Sedition Acts and use the last two paragraphs of this document to help you answer the question using the language of the actual resolution in your answer…in other words, don’t just look up “Kentucky Resolution” somewhere else and copy that!)
9. What was the occasion of Red Jacket’s speech? What was his view of the Great Spirit? What did he tell his visitors he was going to do? Check this out!!! to an external site.
(This is the best document of all!! This has an audio connection that you might enjoy…a document you can listen to!)
10. What was Jefferson’s opinion of the Missouri Compromise of 1820? Why did he consider it the “knell of the Union?” What did he mean when he talked having a “wolf by the ears?” to an external site.
11. What was the scene described by the author at the inauguration of Andrew Jackson? Why did this concern her so? to an external site.
(Hint…it wasn’t just Jackson’s safety!!! See last paragraph!)
12. Give five reasons for South Carolina’s protest against the Tariff of 1828. Notice that Vice President Calhoun was behind this! He and President Jackson will come to near blows over this issue!) to an external site.
(Yes…I know…Wikipedia…but this is a good look at the situation!!!)
13. Why did Jackson hate the National Bank? (and veto its renewal!) List five reasons. to an external site.
14. What did David Walker tell slaves to do and why?
Go to to an external site. for background and then to to an external site. (and p. 30) for Walker’s own words. to an external site. Go to pages 10 and 11 to see what Walker has to say about getting an education! How would it benefit the slave or free black? How would an educated black then react to slavery?
15. Why did William Lloyd Garrison ask God to pardon him?
Here is the speech where Garrison asks for God’s pardon…notice that what he was asking for was actually explained prior to the part where he asks for the pardon!–Liberator.htmLinks to an external site.
16. What were some of De Tocqueville’s observations on the differences in Northerners and Southerners regarding the Negro and slavery? to an external site.
Be sure to check this out to avoid point reductions: to an external site.
Here is the original work (really excellent…read it when you can for a very interesting and different look at racial prejudice in the US at that time. He explains why he feels there is more racial prejudice in areas where there has either never been slavery or where slavery has been outlawed. It is suprising!) to an external site.
17. Below is a commercial web site (inspirational…achieving happiness and success, etc.) and the owner has used 21 quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson…why do you think she selected these quotes? Read through them and find a couple that you really like…can you use them in your own life…how and why? to an external site.
18. How does Thoreau say we should handle unjust laws?
Scroll down on this site (below the “Ask” area) until you get to the second selection from Civil Disobedience…the first line is “Unjust laws exist: shall we be content to obey them” and you will find your answer. to an external site.
Super good help on this one here: to an external site.
19. What were five of the facts submitted to a candid world to show that man intended to establish absolute tyranny over women as written by the women gathered at Seneca Falls in 1848? (Hillary Clinton referenced this meeting during her speech at the Democratic National Convention just before Labor Day, 2008!) to an external site.


Provide at least one to two paragraphs summarizing the essential of the new updated practice.

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Article (10% of grade) (CC4. a, b)
Students will select a nursing article on an evidence-based updated practice related to nursing practice or health
assessment. The 2-page paper (not including title page and references) will follow APA format. The student is
expected to include the following elements in the paper:
1. Provide at least one to two paragraphs summarizing the essential of the new updated practice.
2. Include a section describing your view of the practice
3. Include a section describing the nursing implication in bringing this new practie to the bedside.
Rubric for EBP Article Review on an updated practice related to nursing practice or health assessment.
NUR 3069
Topic Points Criteria:
Quality of the Article 0-20 Selects an article on an updated practice from
published nursing literature that is peer
reviewed. Article discusses EBP pertinent to
nursing or health assessment.
Summary of Article 0-20 Provide at least one to two paragraphs
summarizing the essential of the new updated
Article Analysis 0-40 Include a section describing the nursing
implication in bringing this new practice to the
Adherence to English
Grammar and APA format
0-20 Paper is written with correct grammar, no
spelling errors. Uses APA format correctly,
including for citations and reference list.
Pease use the following article: